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World Remit

All around the world, there are many ways to send and receive money. Lots of people are using money sending services all the time to send money to their family and friends who are living abroad. This is often done through secure transactions in banks or money transfer companies.


However, the problem with this type of transaction is that many do not have the time to go to the bank and make a deposit especially during emergencies, holidays or days when banks are closed. There is also the hassle of queueing for a time and then the need to fill out paper, not to mention, the high fees for sending money.


In these situations, we cannot easily walk out and directly go to the bank to send money. What if we are at work, unable to leave and a loved one abroad immediately needs money?


This is where WorldRemit comes in. They are an online service that allows people send money to their family and friends living abroad. They can do this using a smartphone, tablet or computer.


Unlike the traditional money transfer companies, WorldRemit is convenient and low-cost.


Once the money is sent through WorldRemit, the recipient will be able to receive the money through cash pick-up, bank deposit, mobile money or even airtime top-up for your mobile.


The service is available in 50 countries for senders and transfers are offered to more than 110 destinations around the world.


How Did WorldRemit Start?

Ismail Ahmed is the founder of WorldRemit. His vision for this company began while he was still at a university in London. He needed to send money to his family in Africa and found that with every transaction, he had to travel across the city and then send the money through an agent who charged punishing rates for a modest amount of money.


Through the years, Ismail worked to change this industry. It was only in 2010 when he finally founded WorldRemit after having worked with the industry for awhile.


Today, WorldRemit continues to grow and are happy to deliver the best service to their customers.



Why Choose WorldRemit?


  • It is low-cost and the fees are displayed upfront. Exchange rates are guaranteed.
  • Transfer can be done in an instant. You will be able to receive and send notifications via email and SMS.
  • It is efficient since the service is open 24/7 and you don't need to visit any agents to send money. You can use your smartphone, computer and tablet for sending money.
  • Customers on Trustpilot have rated WorldRemit with "Excellent".
  • Payment security is top notch.

Get the Latest Updates!

You can follow WorldRemit through their various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.


You can also have a look at their News page to read the latest updates for WorldRemit.

How to Send Money

WorldRemit has made sending money as easy as possible for their customers. Here are the 3 easy steps that you need to take to send money through WorldRemit.


  1. Select the country where you will be sending the money to. You will also need indicate how the recipient will be able to get the money you send and the amount you want to send. You will be given guaranteed fees and exchange rates.


  1. Add the details of the recipient. If you've sent money to someone in the past, you can easily select that person again or add a new one.


  1. Send the money by paying for the transfer in your chosen method. After this, the recipient and you will be notified via SMS or email when the money has been sent and received.


It's as easy as 1-2-3, indeed!


Don't forget to use your WorldRemit voucher for discounts and exclusive promos!


If you want to use the WorldRemit app on your phone and you have rooted or jailbroken your phone, it is not recommended that you avail of the money sending services. Once your phone has been jailbroken or rooted, WorldRemit things that this will be a security risk on your part since the phone can no longer control the apps downloaded and it could be vulnerable to malware and other attacks. Running the app on a jailbroken or rooted phone could make you vulnerable to fraudulent attacks. Please know that it will be at your own risk if you decide to run the WorldRemit app on your rooted or jailbroken phone.


If in case you encounter problems with your WorldRemit app on your phone or perhaps you are having issues with sending money, you will need to contact the customer service line at 0207 148 5800 or 0203 519 8580.

Sample World Remit Vouchers

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  • Guaranteed exchange rates and low transfer fees when you use WorldRemit voucher!


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