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The Royal Mint

Money comes in different makes and currencies around the world. The Royal Mint is the leading export mint in the world and they are creators of coins and medals for about 60 countries in a year.


The Royal Mint is considered a national treasure in the UK as they have been in the business for over a thousand years, as the major provider of high-quality coins. Their experience in artistry and craftsmanship ensures that each piece created has quality, beauty and will last for a long time.


The headquarters for the Royal Mint was opened in 1968 as part of the Queen's plan to prepare for the decimal coinage. Today, the headquarters is located in Llantrisant, South Wales and they have over 900 employees working in the 35-acre site.


The technology at The Royal Mint is state-of-the-art and they also hold the highest standard of minting. This gives them the title of being the leading manufacturer of medals and coins worldwide.


The Mint is operated 24/7 and open 52 weeks a year. In a week, they are able to produce 90 million blanks and coins.


History of the Royal Mint


The Royal Mint has been around for more than a thousand years. Its existence dates back and has been a part of the history of Britain including wars and political upheavals as well as economic, social, technological and scientific progress.  In short, it is part of Britain's history.




For those who want to view the history of The Royal Mint, there is a museum to visit that exhibits a collection of historic British coins. Visitors will not only see the standard historic coins, but also the pieces that were results of experiments in manufacture and design.


The Royal Mint Museum is open for those who are curious about the history of Britain's medals, coins, artwork and even minting equipment around the world.

Get the Latest Updates!

When you are looking to purchase special or limited collections from The Royal Mint, such as coins released along with a Royal birth, you will need to keep yourself updated or you would not be able to get one for yourself. An example is the official coin that marks the Royal birth of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This event is a celebration and everybody would want a piece of the celebration in the form of the official coin.


To keep up to date for this information, you can follow The Royal Mint's social media pages to be updated with the latest news. The Royal Mint has a social media presence in Facebook, Twitter and Google+. They also have a Pinterest site for those who want to look at their collection of coins and for inspiration as well.


Their YouTube channel has a number of videos that tell about the many products that have been created at The Royal Mint. They even have a bit of history of Britain that you might enjoy.


You may also choose to sign up to the newsletter to receive the updates through your inbox. You can also receive exclusive promotions and deals from the newsletter!

How to Order

When you are in The Royal Mint web site and just browsing without any plans to purchase anything, you do not need to have an account. However, if you are planning to shop, registering for an account is a must. You will be provided a customer code when you set up an account at The Royal Mint.


If you already have an account, just click on 'Login' which is located at the top of the webpage.



When you have selected an item to purchase, simply add them to your shopping basket by clicking on the 'Add to Basket' link. When done with shopping, click on 'View shopping basket' which is a link in ithe left navigation bar to see all the items that are in your shopping basket. Proceed to checkout when you want to purchase your items.


At this point, if you haven't logged in yet, you will be asked to log in to your account and if you are a new customers, you will be redirected to a New Customer area where you will be asked to provide your details.


After this, simply follow the instructions until payment is done. You will be sent a confirmation email to acknowledge the receipt of your order.


The Royal Mint website has a secure payment page where you can place your Visa, Master, Maestro or AMEX cards for payment.


Don't forget to use your Royal Mint voucher to get discounts on your order.

Delivery Policies

The delivery charges for orders will depend on the address of the customer. The Royal Mint delivers to addresses in the UK, US and other international addresses as well.


For those in the UK, orders will be despatched within 3 working days, as long as the items are on hand. However, if the products are not on hand, The Royal Mint has 21 days within the acceptance of your order.


If after 21 days and the goods are not yet despatch, you have the option to choose an alternative delivery date as provided by the Royal Mint, accept a substitute goods or cancel your order and be refunded.


For international customers, the Royal Mint will endeavour to despatch your orders within 21 days of acceptance of your order. Consider the additional time for transit overseas as well.


Read more about the Delivery here.

Returns Policy

If you want to return any product to the Royal Mint, you have 14 days from the date of receipt to return it. You will be given a full refund of the original purchase price.


Please see more about this in the Terms and Conditions.

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Contact The Royal Mint

Call for enquiries: +44 (0)345 60 88 300


Email them: [email protected]

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