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One of the biggest world-renowned brands in British contemporary men’s and women’s fashion today is Jaeger. It is a much sought-after brand laden with rich history and dynamic future borne out of high-end, luxury fashion and trendy accessories for the modern, cosmopolitan man and woman. Established in 1884 and headquartered in London, England, Jaeger is known to have led and pioneered fashion made of natural fibers as alpaca, Merino wool, cashmere and the revolutionary camel hair. It capitalized initially on what was then a craze : the wool jersey long johns coming out after Dr. Gustav Jaeger’s popular writings on the merits and values of animal fibers versus cotton. In fact, one of its advocates was George Bernard Shaw. Dr. Ernest Shakleton, one of the earlier, intrepid explorers at the time wore woolen garments in his expeditions to Antartica.


The Start-up years of Jaeger

In 1910, Jaeger received its first Royal Warrant. By the onset of World War I, it started creating woolen suits and thus started to become a British brand. It was long johns for the British and commonwealth armed forces that had it going during the war, although it wasn’t till the 1920’s it switched to fashion wear. A six-story flagship store on Regent Street opened in 1930 which attracted a long line of clients who wanted British-made garments and fashion which were not as expensive as the other high-end brands.


The Celebrities Who Took Pride In Wearing Jaeger Fashion


In 1936, for the country’s participation in the Olympics, Jaeger supplied the opening parade uniforms for the British sports contingent. By the 1950’s internationally popular, sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe would often be seen wearing Jaeger fashion clothes. At about the same time Jean Muir would create fashion collections for Jaeger. Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy and Marianne Faithful would show their love for Jaeger at movie and fashion socials and parties. So did Cary Grant in the 1970’s and Kristine Scott Thomas and Madame Judi Dench in the latter years. Erin O’connor and Kate Moss and a host of other beautiful, internationally- known, high society models and Hollywood actresses likewise became associated with the brand of chic and trendy fashion wear of Jaeger.


The Products Of Jaeger

For men, there’s a wide range of suits, business shirts, trousers, knitwear, outer wear, waist coats and suit jackets, polo and t-shirts and lots of accessories. Jaeger’s women’s wear carries a wide spectrum of dresses, tops and blouses, suits, coats, trousers, jackets, accessories and everyday essentials. They’re available in suede, leather and cashmere and wool, alpaca and camel hair. All of these are accessible in all of Jaegers close to fifty shops across the UK and its wide ranging online operations.


Delivery Specifics:

You can buy online and collect in any of the jaeger stores FREE! You may simply browse leisurely till you find a perfect item and then choose a Jaeger shop as your delivery option. Once your order has arrived you will receive an email notice that it’s ready for pick up. If the store is within the 5 mile distance, you should, in most cases get your order the next dayTo access online, check out http://www.jaeger.co.uk

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