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In today's fast-paced world, almost everyone is connected to the web. The internet is the Mecca of everything and anything, especially when it comes to information and convenience in communication. In short, the internet used to be a luxury for some but has now become a need for the many. Of course, the benefits of being connected online is only as good as one's service provider. Hyperoptic knows the importance of fast, reliable broadband for your everyday needs- from downloading files, movies and information as well as uploads and uplinks for business and personal uses. This is why this company always aims to be one of UK's new best full-fibre connection provider.

Fibre Optic Benefits

Hyperoptic knows that there are many benefits in using fibre compared to the traditional copper network connection. They can assure lesser loss of data because it can handle a high bandwidth through its cable without compromising speed even over long distances. Plus, these type of material will get less interference from outside factors in the environment so it keeps a consistent connection speed.  Plus, Hyperoptic will be installing a new full fibre optic network to your building or property which means that it will be directed into your premises and not just to some big, ugly gray box on the side of the street near your building. So, having such reliable and fast connection to the internet will definitely boost your business or personal activities online! It also does not hurt that you have confidence in the 24 hours 7 days a week customer service that the company offers.

Record Breaking Speed

The team that makes up Hyperoptic knows all about setting and breaking records. They are gearing and all set to break the speed barrier of broadband with their 1 Gig downloads. That's 56 times faster than what the United Kingdom is used to on average. These people are also behind the broadband provider BE UN LIMITED in the year 2005 which had broken the upload and download speed limits as well as winning countless awards in the following years. That is why the company is positive that they would be again breaking barriers with Hyperoptic. Here's a clip of one of the speed tests Hyperoptic users have done:

Get the Latest Updates

When it comes to internet or broadband connections, especially when it concerns your business dealings, it is important that you are highly aware of the changes that are happening everyday with your service provider. Hyperoptic knows that keeping tabs and an open communication with their customers is the key to a successful relationship.

Keep up to date with the newest changes when it comes to broadband connection. Hyperoptic provides their customers as well as those who are curious and thinking about getting their services an up to date report on the company as well as their services. Simply visit their PRESS Site here or found at the bottom part of their webpage and you will instantly get the scoop on what's hot! 

How to Order

Hyperoptic aims to provide everyone with their high-speed fibre optic connections however, before one can order an installation from them, you have to visit their website to check whether it is available in your building or your area. Simply select the Availability Check button found in the site to confirm whether your building is already in agreement (or will soon have an agreement) with Hyperoptic. 

If your location, residence or office building is connected, you will be directed to Hyperoptic order page. Just choose the product you wish to purchase and then complete the sign up process.

Do not worry if you find out that Hyperoptic is not available in your building or residence area. You will be redirected to the website's register interest page wherein you can make a request to have the company connect to the building. Hyperoptic reviews all the requests and they will base their roll-out strategy on the level of interests they receive from the certain area or location.

Delivery Policy

Hyperoptic will send their installation team to your property and they will install fibre from the core network of your building. They will install cables to the individual premises within your building which they will then thread the wires into your home and then have a faceplate installed near the entrance. The company has installation offers when they provide service to your building for the first time- whether you want to have their services or not. 

There will be more than one method of installing the faceplates into your designated location depending on the building or location. There is usually a standard 2 week window for faceplate installations, especially if the customer wants to take advantage of the free installation. However, if you miss an installation appointment, you might be charged extra for that since the engineer has to return to your property at a later date. 

Read more about their Installation Policies here. 

Return Policies

Hyperoptic is quite positive that you will enjoy their service immensely but should you wish to cancel your subscription, they aim to make it as easy for you as possible. You should be aware of the contract you are entering whether you are canceling within the minimum period in which case, you will be charged with a cancellation fee. The company requires at least a 30 day notice period for all cancellations. 

Read more about the Terms and Agreements regarding cancellations here.

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Other Information

It is most likely that your building or your residence is currently in agreement with a different broadband provider. If Hyperoptic is available in your area or building and you wish to order and use their services, simply purchase and they will connect you to their system even if you are still currently using another company's broadband service. 

Hyperoptic's team will not need anything from your current ISP provider or from your previous ones since they use their own network, so it's easier for them to come and install. You just need to contact your current provider to tell them that you are terminating your contract with them and settle whatever outstanding obligations you have. What's great is that you can enjoy the record breaking speed of Hyperoptic while doing that.

Contact Hyperoptic

  • Telephone: 0333 332 1111
  • Email: [email protected]
  • You can also visit their website and fill out a CONTACT FORM for further information about their services.






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