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Bed Shed

Nothing knows sleep better than a hibernating bear so, it's only fitting that when you are in search for great mattresses and save loads of money on beds,  you go to Bed Shed and meet the bear named Ed! Sleep is so important especially for those who work hard during the day however, a good, peaceful and comfortable shut-eye should not necessarily cost you an arm and a leg!

Get More. Pay Less. offers you a wide range of styles from wooden to metal bedsteads. They come in all shapes and sizes even down to the cutest, daintiest children's bed. If you are looking for great mattresses, pillows and other bedroom accessories and paraphernalia, the store will provide you with a lot of exciting options. Headboards are included as well.

You are certainly gaining more than your money's worth without really having to worry about burning a hole in your wallet. The Bed Shed philosophy surely states that just because you are paying low, cheap prices does not mean that you are getting less quality. The store boasts of catering you with famous UK branded beds like Birlea, Sealy, Sweetdreams and Myers as well as Silentnight and Reylon. 

Quality Can Come at a Low Price!

It is easy to be skeptical and wonder why Bed Shed is confident about their promise to provide you with high quality bedroom furnitures and furnishings without charging too much. But, once you do get a bed from this store, they do not offer just the product but also accompany you with the best help and advice from experts who also provide you with comprehensive customer service. They do not just stop at selling you the beds, they even go beyond and provide you with great after sales service too!

Bed Shed does not boasts of this services without backing themselves up substantially. The store is a proud member of FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) and The Furniture Ombudsman which are both independent organizations, dedicated to providing its customers and affiliates the best services for furniture and home improvement. They also ensure that consumers interests are safeguarded which then enables the customer to feel confident that they are truly receiving quality of the highest standards. 

Get the Latest Updates is always doling out great new bed designs and a whole lot of promotional offers that certainly saves you big bucks! Thus, sending out updates and current news and announcement is another service they take pride on. Although the website provides you with all you need information, signing up for the monthly  newsletter usually gets you more up to speed with great deals. If you are interested in receiving what's HOT from BedShed, just provide them with your email address and with one click here, you're up to date!

How to Order

BedShed offers you two different ways of ordering furniture. One, you can call their customer sales team by dialing 0800 756 3900 (Saturday 9am-5pm) or you can browse through the site and order directly from there.

When browsing for the perfect furniture, the website provides you with really great photos of their selections which you can peruse and scrutinize at your heart's content. You can select from what type of bed you want, the price range, the brand you wish to get as well as fashion it according to the size you have in mind. The store even offers you promotions and package deals! 

Once your selections has been made, simply fill out the order form and as well as your credit card details then all you have to do is await delivery which is usually three to five days. The store offers you a 6 month interest free credit. Just make sure you check and double check your orders and info to have a smooth buying experience.

If you have an account or you have registered with, then it makes it easier for you to order! Just log in, order and viola! You'll be sleeping in a mattress that feels like heaven soon!


Bed Shed guarantees its customers FREE delivery on all orders as well as provides the option of Express Delivery. They deliver from Monday to Friday between 7am to 1pm or 12noon to 7pm. This all depends on where in the UK you are located. 

The company will ask you to provide them with your contact or mobile number because once your order is ready to be delivered, they will call you 24 hours prior to delivery to give you a heads-up and once they are an hour away from your address, they will call you up and notify you once more. 

Read more about their DELIVERY services here.


The store assures their customers that if they find their beds dissatisfactory, they can have hassle-free returns and money back guaranteed. Simply contact the company if you wish to cancel your order and they will attend to the request as fast as possible. If you wish to make changes or return a purchased merchandise, you can get your refund within 30 days of the day which you have given the store notice.

You can find out more about BedShed's Terms and Conditions here.

Sample Bed Shed Vouchers

  •  5%-30% off selected orders at Bed Shed
  • Special offers and sales when you sign up for a Newsletter at Bed Shed
  • End of Season Clearance at Bed Shed

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Other Information

 If you plan on visiting the website, make sure to click on the Exclusive Package Deals to get more discounted but high quality items. Also, keep an eye out for purchases that comes with a FREE product as well.

How to Contact BedShed

 Inquiries can be made through:

email: [email protected]

 Telephone: 0330 124 1101; 0800 756 3900

Visit Contact BedShed for more options


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