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Cheap 1Gbps Broadband with a Hyperoptic Discount Code

Cheap 1Gbps Broadband with a Hyperoptic Code
Written by Chris Bacon

If you’re looking for broadband reaching speeds of up to 1Gb in the UK, then look no further. Hyperoptic can offer broadband that is faster than Sky, BT and Virgin Media. Plus, with a Hyperoptic discount code it has never been cheaper to supercharge your internet connection.


How it Works

Broadband Street Cabinet

Most broadband providers only run fibre optic cables from the exchange to the street cabinets. Hyperoptic run them all the way to your building

Hyperoptic are the first UK broadband provider to offer fibre broadband that can reach speeds of 1Gbps. This is faster than BT, Sky and Virgin Media’s fastest packages put together. The secret to being able to do this is their dedicated full fibre optic cables. They guarantee hyperfast speeds even during the busiest times of the day. Unlike the other leading UK providers of fibre broadband, Hyperoptic use their own brand new network. Their network has been specifically designed for the high speed needs of the 21st century. This means that fibre optic cables are run from the exchange to your home or office. Traditionally,  providers run old-fashioned copper cables to your home, which reduce broadband speed dramatically.


Cheap 1Gbps Broadband

Hyperoptic may have increased their upload and download speeds, but that doesn’t mean that they have upped their price. Compared to the fastest fibre broadband packages from the UK’s leading providers, Hyperoptic works out considerably cheaper. Their 30Mbps fibre package costs just £19 per month for the first 12 months. And it works out even cheaper if you use one of the voucher codes or deals from our Hyperoptic discount code page.

If you want the neck-breaking speed of 1Gbps fibre broadband then it will cost £49 per month. This is still cheaper than the fastest fibre package offered by all of the leading broadband providers in the UK. You can use a Hyperoptic discount code for all three of their fibre broadband packages. This will bring the cost down even more.


Using a Hyperoptic Discount Code

Taking advantage of the great deals at Hyperoptic is easy when you use a Hyperoptic discount code. The first thing that you need to do is check the availability of their service for your postcode. If the superfast fibre broadband is available in your area, congratulations! All you then need to do is sign up and enter the discount code in the box provided. You can then benefit from a wide range of deals including reduced monthly line rental or cash back. After that it is just a case of choosing your preferred installation date. Then you just have to patiently wait to join the fastest fibre broadband network in the UK.



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