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Cheap and Easy ways to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

Cheap and Easy ways to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights
Written by Chris Bacon

As we begin to prepare for the most wonderful time of the year, one thing that many of us like to do is put up Christmas lights on the outside of our homes. It’s something that has become increasingly popular in the UK, largely since Christmas lights have evolved a lot in recent years.

However, when it comes to having outdoor Christmas lights, many of us still encounter problems when it comes to putting them up. Our lights will be seen by our neighbours as well as anyone else who passes by our house throughout December, so we need to make them look tasteful and neat in order to reflect ourselves (or how at least we would like to be perceived). It’s therefore important to get it right. So, without further ado here are some cheap and easy ways to hang outdoor Christmas lights.

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Hanging Christmas Lights on the Guttering

Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights using Badge ClipsIf you intend on hanging your outdoor Christmas lights on your gutters, then here is an easy and cost-effective way of doing just that. All you need is a set or working exterior Christmas lights and some crocodile-style badge clips (like those used for office and school teacher badges). You can buy these in lots of different places, but Amazon is probably the best place if you’re not sure where to go.

To mount your Christmas lights to the gutter, you first need to fold the plastic tab on the badge clip around the wire on your Christmas lights.  Do this in several locations along the string of lights. It’s best to space the badge clips evenly, and use quite a few if you want to get a good result. Ideally, space them around 20cm apart.

Once you have connected the badge clips to your Christmas lights you’re read to hang them. If you haven’t guessed already then hanging them is easy as all you need to do connect the string of lights to your gutter by using the crocodile clips.

Crocodile clips are notoriously strong, and so if you connect them properly you shouldn’t have any problems at all with your lights falling down.


Hanging Christmas Lights on Cladding or Wood Structures

Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights using Cable ClipsIf you plan on hanging your outdoor Christmas lights on wooden cladding or onto any timber structure, then all you need to do is get hold of a box of cable clips. You will probably have seen them before as they are typically ‘C’ shaped clips with small nails going through them. They are extremely cheap as you can buy a box of 100 for just a couple of pounds. All you need to be aware of is the fact that cable clips come in a few different sizes so you need to make sure that you don’t get clips that are too small for the thickness of your Christmas light cable.

To hang your Christmas lights on your cladding then all you need to do is gently tap the cable clips directly into the cladding with a hammer. It’s a good idea to accurately measure and mark the locations for the cable clips as you will want to ensure that they form a straight line to make your Christmas lights look tidy.

It’s a good idea to tap the clip a short way into the cladding before inserting the wire, as this reduces the chance of accidentally pinching or trapping the wire. Once the wire is in situ you can then tap the clip all the way into the desired location


Hanging Christmas lights onto stone or brickwork

Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights with Cup HooksMost people have difficulty when it comes to hanging Christmas lights directly onto stone or brickwork. This is probably because drilling into stone or brickwork tends to be for permanent fixtures, and unless you plan to leave your Christmas lights up for the entire year, they are not permanent.

Fortunately, there’s a way to fit permanent Christmas light fixings to your home in such a way that you can remove and replace the Christmas lights year after year. All you need is a couple of packs of cup hooks. You can buy a pack of 10 for a couple of pounds, and if you buy the vinyl coated ones as opposed to the bare metal ones then they will last for many years.

All you need to do is measure and mark the precise locations for your fixings and drill the appropriate sized hole and insert a wall plug that you will be screwing the cup hook into. Once you have done this then it’s just a case of screwing the cup hooks into the wall plugs until they are sufficiently tight and are facing the right way (usually upwards). It’s then just a case of looping your string of Christmas lights around each hook while pulling them firmly so that they stay straight and in line.


And there you have it, three easy ways to hang your outdoor Christmas lights this year so that you don’t have to invest in expensive light clips or the services of a handy man. Just be careful when mounting outdoor Christmas lights as you will more than likely be using a ladder when you do. It’s always best to have someone helping you, even if they are just standing at the bottom of a ladder and handing things up to you.

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