Infographic: 10 Fun Facts about UK Online Spending

10 Fun Facts about UK Online Spending
Written by Chris Bacon

With the year beginning to draw to a close, retailers concentrate on totting up their figures and collating them all together to find out how much the UK is spending at Christmas as well as how much we managed to spend throughout the rest of the year. The below infographic shows ten fun facts about UK online spending over the last year or so.

Needless to say there are a few interesting observations to be made. Firstly, in a world that relies on the internet for many aspects of daily life, it’s surprising to see that all of the online retail sales combined account for only 15% of the UK total. This means that 85% of sales are still made in shopping centres and on the high street.

It’s also shocking to see that just over 50% of people have never used – or even heard of – a voucher code. This means that potentially half of all people who shop online are paying more than the other half for their items.

On the same note it’s surprising that 79% of people would prefer to be offered free delivery than a discount on their purchases. This potentially says quite a lot about the average order total, as the benefit of an average discount of 10% on a £50 purchase would outweigh the postage cost of most items.

UK Spending Infographic

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